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We are making Health Care Available for Everyone


The future of telemedicine

We are solving the problem of 66,000,000 North Americans who do not have a family doctor,by making healthcare accessible.
Our pilot-tested platform ,reduces costs and improves the interaction between doctors and patients to adresses the existing gaps in healthcare.

Why choose Docere?

We are giving the power of your health back in your hands. Docere is more than just a Telemedicine company, it is a lifestyle and a modern way to deal with chronic diseases monitoring your health through Smart Health Data enabled by our platform.


   Our goal is "To Make Health Care Available for Everyone"

We use organized intelligent software to cater to patients regardless of their age or background from finding a family doctory, AI self-health checkup or video-calling a doctor in under 2 minutes, we’ve got you covered. 


Docere is a new app coming soon for you for free,it revolutionizes the whole Primary Health Care Industry.
You wont have to stay for hours on hospitals for your ordinary check up,you will be able to do it by your phone.

It's that simple!

What we are bringing will save every Canadian that suffers from Chronic Diseases. No need to wait exhaustingly long hours or days for an appointment,your doctor of choice will be able to do it from their work office while you are in the comfort of your home.

What is Docere exactly?

What do doctors benefit from this?

A doctors job is very time consuming,for hours checking up on every patient in a small time frame.This app helps not only the patient,but also the doctor themselves,the doctor will have less stressful day on their office and more time for the patient making both sides happy.

What do doctors think about Docere?

Doctors agree with our Manifesto, creating a software that solves a big issue in today's Health Care industry with simplicity is what is needed. Technology is making this possible and soon it will be helping you. While being free, easily accessible, and simple, you will never have to go to your doctor in person again!

How does the app work?

Docere uses cutting edge, research developed Artificial Intelligence as well as seamless integration with existing 3D Animations tools to create an end-to-end patient-provider experience that moves Chronic Disease Management into the future.


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